The 2016 Yard Haunt promises to deliver another great show!  This year we have once again upgraded several animatronics and will have a few other tricks up our sleeve!  The famous HATBOX GHOST should materialize in time for Halloween!

Zombie Hollow is a Haunted House or as we prefer the term, YARD HAUNT, held in our backyard in Urbandale, Iowa every year at Halloween.  We're NOT like the classic version of a Haunted House where you walk through pitch black rooms until someone with a mask jumps out and startles you.  We put up a fantastic Halloween diorama similar to something you would see at Disney's Haunted Mansion.  We do use some actors, however, no one will grab you or jump into your space.  We're here to dazzle you, not terrorize you!  This is a Halloween experience for all ages and you will leave fascinated by our handcrafted props and special effects!  Everything from the tombstones to the zombies are handcrafted by us year round! 



   Zombie Hollow is run by Veterans and it is very important for us to give back.  We do accept free will donations for the SENTINELS OF FREEDOM, which is a charity organization that provides "life scholarships" to service members severely wounded in the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Theses scholarships help service members get back on track by going back to work or attending further education to reach their goals.  100% of the money raised goes directly to The Sentinels of Freedom!


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LINKS: - Suppliers of our incredible video footage and photos! - Without a doubt, the most creative home haunter ever, and our greatest inspiration.


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